Welcome Gardens Work Party

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 15:00 to 19:30
Topic and Purpose: 


Topic and Purpose: 

Hello, Good Garden folks! 

We are continuing the construction work of our permaculture site in Esquimalt. We will be working on finishing our water saving gardening wicking beds. We have progressed very well thanks to the support of our volunteers.


In this session we will be:

1. Learning / Putting the cedar boards up around the garden beds so they are finished and look great (It should be a straightforward experience so don't feel intimidated!) For those of you who are wood-working inclined or may have tools, please do bring drills and square drill bits. I'll have the saw(s) and some other drills there. 

3. Learning / Setting up the deer nets around the boxes (Feel free to bring organic plants or seeds if you'd like to plant).

Due to the COVID situation, we need to be sure there aren't more than 4 people at one time in the garden. Therefore, we are asking folks who want to come to sign themselves up by selecting a "shift" time of either 3:00-5:00PM or 5:00PM-7:00/7:30PM.  You can select more than 2 hours, but if we have too many "takers" we may ask you to choose a different combination of times or only come for two hours. 

Please email welcomegardensvictoria@gmail.com to let us know what time you are available to come and we will send you the address. 

Please note that there is no washroom on site and the nearest washroom is at Saxe point park or on the mainstreet in Esquimalt at a Tim Horton's or fast food place. Please "go before you go" :).
Please also bring your own gloves if you have them and if you wish to bring face masks, eye coverings (it's sunglasses season finally hurrah!) or bandanas or the like, feel free. The World Health Organization is now reccomending this be the common precaution so I'm going to advocate at least wearing a bandana if you can't find a mask in stores. We will be "socially distanced" at all times. Please also remember to bring some water to drink.

Looking forward to seeing you all there =)