Teas for Self-Care from Around the World

Saturday, May 16, 2020 - 10:00
Topic and Purpose: 

At the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society's Welcome Gardens Program, we are excited to be hosting this online workshop.


Jumana will be sharing her valuable knowledge of how to prepare some teas with herbs that we can also grow on Vancouver Island.

Get to know more about our facilitator: Jumana places her belonging and identity as a daughter of the land, a lover and a beloved of the natural world. As a second-generation refugee of Occupied Palestine born in Jordan, raised in Ontario, and residing in unceded Leugankwan territory, her life has been a journey of exploring health in relationship to place and belonging. Through her work with refugees from Tibet, Palestine, the Ammarin Bedouin tribe, and the kitchens of her Palestinian/Balkan grandmothers she began to understand our relationship to plants, land, and our bodies are the hearth of medicine.

Her approach embraces a trinity; Elemental theory to understand the patterns from nature to body, western science to understand the mechanics of medicine, and indigenous knowledge to ground our belonging. Jumana is devoted to building bridges between medicine from the earth to medicine for the earth by re-invigorating our embodied experience of plants, culture and ecology.She offers private herbal medicine consultation, formulation, workshops, movement consultation, and her work with Ammarin Bedouin Tribe to create spaces for individuals and communities to connect to plants, their bodies, the land and the life force which animates all three.

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*Newcomers, refugees, immigrants and seniors will be given preference in reserving a spot for this event*.



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