Online Project :Teas for Self-Care from Around the World

Monday, May 4, 2020 - 08:00 to Friday, May 15, 2020 - 21:00
Topic and Purpose: 

We are looking for folks from all backgrounds who would like to share with us a nutritious hot or cold drink from your culture or your families’ recipes. This is the kind of beverage that your parents, your grandma, your grandpa would give you when you were feeling drained, low energy or not feeling 100%.

We would love to learn about your natural herbs, fruits, veggies or comfort drinks that help you to relieve the nasty symptoms of cold and make you feel at home.

In our initial stage we will gather the following information from our participants:

Name of the drink (even if sometimes hose drinks don’t have an established name, feel free to create one!)

The story behind the drink, for example: My dad used to prepare this drink when I was a kid and I was feeling It made me happy.

Ingredients in the drink

Recipe. How can we prepare your awesome drink?

The feeling that the drink evokes in you. For example: "It makes me feel at home".

Your name, culture of origin.

Please share your information here:

Once we receive all the participants information we will create a handy, vivid digital resource that we will be sharing in our social media platforms and by email within 30 days.

We are expecting to gather 30 recipes by May 15th and to start sharing them as soon as possible with the community so we can all start feeling warmer thanks to your amazing multicultural knowledge.


This is an Online Event. Click the Event Link below to join the event.