Welcome Gardens!

What is Welcome Gardens! ?

.....a VIRCS project that brings newcomers and local residents together to grow food in household and community gardens.  Welcome Gardens! participants receive and share resources to help start their gardens, attend free Welcome Gardens! learning workshops and gardening tours as well as join in special group events.  

Participants are new and experienced gardeners, helping each other by exchanging horticultural knowledge and sharing resources while building a community of growers! People from Belgium, Chile, China, Columbia, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Venezuela, England, Poland, Romania, US and Canada ranging in age from 6 to 76 years old!

If you would like to be a Welcome Gardens! participant or would like to know more about our gorwing community, please email welcomegardens@vircs.bc.ca or pam@vircs.bc.ca.

All levels of skills and experience welcome!



Come join us in growing and learning together in our gardens!

Welcome Gardens! has been sponsored over the last two growing seasons by grants through the Victoria Foundation and New Horizons For Seniors.  We are thankful for their support.

A special thanks to Fiona Hamersley Chambers, owner and operator of Metchosin Farms for her generous donations of seeds, seedlings, fruit bushes and much much more!