Welcome Gardens!


Welcome Gardens! brings newcomers and local residents together to grow food in household and community gardens.  Participants receive and share resources to help start their food gardens, attend learning workshops and tours and connect with local agricultural initiatives.  

Participants are new and experienced gardeners, helping each other by exchanging horticultural knowledge and sharing resources while building a community of growers!

People from Belgium, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Venezuela, England, Poland, Romania, US and Canada ranging in age from 6 to 76 years old!

If you would like to be a Welcome Gardens! participant or would like to know more about our food gardens community, please email welcomegardens@vircs.bc.ca .

All levels of skills and experience welcome!



Come join us in growing and learning

together in our food gardens!



The history of our garden! 


For the last two growing season, Welcome Gardens! has been funded by grants through by the    Victoria Foundation and New Horizons for Seniors. Both the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Society Centre  and Welcome Gardens! is thankful for the abundance of support they offer.


Also, a very special thank you goes out to Fiona Hamersley Chamber for her generous donations of seeds, seedlings, fruit bushes and much much more! Chambers is the owner and operator of   Metchosin Farms and proud to   support the opportunities which Welcome Gardens! offers the  community.



Welcome Gardens! Fast Facts:

• Welcome Gardens! combines food production and social connection to directly address food security issues immigrant and refugees may face as newcomers to Victoria. 

• Welcome Gardens! food production objectives are to support participants in developing or expanding their local horticultural skills and knowledge, food literacy and growing skills. 

• Welcome Gardens provides the opportunity for Intercultural understandings and multi-generational friendships through opportunities to work and learn together.  

• Welcome Gardens! offers community resources that can help participants grow and preserve food for their household and the community.  

• Welcome Gardens! social connection objectives are to support participants in learning     about each other’s food culture, to promote meaningful and self-directed engagement in         their learning and mentoring roles; and, in receiving or offering informal support to each other.  

• Welcome Gardens has 130 participants from 16 countries, ranging in age from 10 to 76 years old. The program participants share resources to prepare gardens, grow food, and make friends through gardening.


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