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Guide to the Employment Standards Act

MSP (Medical Services Plan) - [Eligibility], [Enrolment]

ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) - [Driver Licensing & ID]

SIN (Social Insurance Number) -  [Eligibility], [Enrolment]



Network in Victoria


Community Centre Your Neighbourhood Resource group (Childcare, various activities for family and more!)


Useful Resources


Need help?

Develops, manages and administers a wide range of subsidized housing options across the province. 

  • TAPS (Together Against Poverty Society)

Providing free, face-to-face legal advocacy for people with income assistance, disability benefits, employment standards, and tenancy issues.

  • VIHRC (Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition)

Through advocacy, support, and human rights education, we assist people who have experienced discrimination.

  • FSGV (Family Services of Greater Victoria)

Helps children, youth, and adults manage the challenges of separation, divorce, or transition to a new family structure

An inner-city community centre serving Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable: working poor, impoverished elderly, mentally and physically challenged, addicted and the homeless.

Transitional Housing, Brain Injury, Childcare, Senior, Young Parent outreach, Respite & Respitality

Advocating for and providing emergency shelter, supportive housing, integrated health care and other support services to end homelessness



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