IWP Allies in Action




The Allies in Action Project was a community education initiative funded by the Department of Justice Canada and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General of British Columbia. That provided information and awareness about domestic and family violence to newcomer men, women and youth. The project also established relationships with faith organizations and ethno-cultural associations, which are not traditionally included in domestic/family abuse dialogue. Overall, the project’s aim was to help break the cycle of abuse by building capacity and knowledge through community education within Greater Victoria.


Curriculum Topics & Resources


Below are the topics that were covered throughout the workshop series for Allies in Action. An information sheet with corresponding resources for each topic can be found by clicking on the topic heading.


  1. Canadian Law: Living Safe as a Family in Canada
  2. Child-Centred Parenting in Canada
  3. Masculinity in a Canadian Context
  4. What is Abuse in Family Relationships?
  5. Adjusting to Family Life in Canada
  6. Exploring Healthy Family Relationships
  7. Building a Support Network in a New Country
  8. Canadian Law: Some Dos and Don’ts in Canada
  9. Parenting: Children’s Minds
  10. Parents: Taking Care of Yourself
  11. Emergency Preparedness
  12. Canadian Medical System


We thank the federal and provincial governments for their generous support of this project.