About VIRCS and WorkBC

VIRCS is a subcontractor for the WorkBC Program and delivers the Employment Program of British Columbia (B.C.) to immigrants and refugees. VIRCS and WorkBC are dedicated to supporting immigrants and refugees from all over the world find and maintain employment and achieve career success.

VIRCS has over 20 years of experience working with immigrants and refugees in the Greater Victoria area. Accordingly, all of VIRCS’ services are provided by well-qualified multicultural staff who are passionate about helping immigrants and refugees find and maintain employment and achieve their potential. 


Employment Services Provided by VIRCS

  • Immigrant and refugee workers play an important role in strengthening British Columbia’s economy. However, newcomers often face employment barriers. Here is a list of some of the potential barriers to employment faced by immigrant and refugee job seekers and employment services provided by VIRCS to help overcome them. All of the following services are provided with great sensitivity to the immigrant and refugee experience and are culturally sensitive. 


Your Employment Barriers

VIRCS Can Help

No career-related goals or career plans

  • Offer one-on-one employment coaching to help you identify your career-related goals 
  • Create a career plan and to ensure that you have a successful career transition into the Canadian workforce

Lack of knowledge about the labour market

  • Provide current labour market information for the Greater Victoria area 
  • Give you a better sense of available jobs and fair compensation

Lack of Canadian job search skills

  • Teach job search skills
  • Give job search tips on how to find work in Canada that uses your education, training and experience, refer clients to workplaces
  • Arrange for job placements with specific employers

Lack of job search resources and prepare job applications (cover letters and resumes)

  • Access to phones, computers and the internet during your job search
  • Workshop to assist with preparation of your cover letters and resumes; and access to fax machines and photocopiers to send cover letters and resumes to prospective employers

Need help with job applications for Canadian jobs and how to succeed in Canadian interviews

  • Review your cover letters and resumes and give you tips on how to impress prospective employers during interviews

Need Canadian accreditation for your foreign education, training and experience

  • Assist you in getting your foreign credentials and experience recognized in Canada 
  • Help you determine whether you need to upgrade your previous education and training or gain experience in Canada 

Have experience outside of Canada but a lack of Canadian work experience 

  • Help you find volunteer positions to increase your employability in Canada

Lack of knowledge about Canadian hiring processes 

  • Teach you how to accept job offers and negotiate wages or salaries

Lack of English proficiency 

  • Offer English classes to improve your oral and written English communication skills 

Lack of knowledge about the Canadian workplace culture and norms

  • Our employment workshops teach you Canadian workplace etiquette and proper and effective workplace communication skills specific to the Canadian workplace 

Experience Discrimination and Racism 

  • Teach you how to handle employment discrimination or racism 

Need more support and encouragement

  • Provide ongoing support to ensure you have a successful career transition into the Canadian workforce and achieve career success